Why Use a Thermogenic Fat Burner?

why use a thermogenic fat burner Are you one of those people who see weight loss as a long and uphill climb? Have you spent months working out in the gym and trying your best to maintain a healthy diet but you just can’t seem to shed unwanted pounds? Or if you have, the results are simply not encouraging enough? Would you like to resort to the use of food or nutritional supplements that can speed up your weight loss progress?
One type of nutritional supplements that has gotten a lot of mileage amongst gym goers is thermogenic fat burner. Others simply call them fat burners. Some of the more popular thermogenic fat burner brands are Hydroxycut, Fenburn, Xenadrine NRG, MD6, and Ripped Fuel Extreme. So, yes, the answer to why use a thermogenic fat burner, is that it helps speed up your metabolism even without a workout.

How Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

Thermogenic fat burners speed up the body’s metabolism by increasing the core temperature. Speeding up the body’s metabolism through is actually done naturally through exercise. We all know that when we exercise, our bodies sweat and thus increase the body temperature. But with the use of fat burners, a person does not need to work out. The fat burners increase the core temperature and therefore boost an individual’s metabolism.
Thermogenic fat burners have different ingredients. One of the more common substance found in these fat burners is Capsaicinoids derived from chili pepper. This compound is said to be effective in boosting the metabolic rate of the body and also aids in suppressing the appetite.
Another ingredient common in fat burners is caffeine which provides the body with energy even while the individual is at rest. Caffeine also reduces hungers, fights fatigue and enhances mood which can make a person become more energetic and motivated when working out.
Other ingredients that are commonly used in fat burners are piperine which is derived from black pepper, niacin which makes the body efficient in digesting proteins and carbs, and jojoba extract and simmondsin which are hunger suppressants.


There are many research findings that suggest that ingredients found in thermogenic fat burners like caffeine can increase the body’s metabolism. According to a report by WebMD, older studies have shown that 250 milligrams of caffeine taken with a meal can increase the body’s metabolism by 10 percent. Nutrition lecturer at the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Jamie Pope was quoted in the report as saying that this translates to 75 calories per day, or 2,100 calories in a month.
Capsaicinoids have also been proven to have some effects on weight loss, albeit on a very modest scale. According to a study by experts at the Manchester Food Research Centre of the Manchester Metropolitan University, there is substantial evidence that capsaicinoids could play a vital role in a weight management program.
In the study involving 563 participants, it was concluded that capsaicinoids can increase energy expenditure by around 50kcal per day. According to the authors of the study, this would translate to significant weight loss in one to two years. Likewise, the study concluded that regular consumption of capsaicinoids can suppress appetite.
Even piperine found in black pepper has been clinically proven as a weight-loss substance. According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Korean researcher Ui-Hyun Park of the Sejong University in Seoul, Korea says their study findings found that piperine slows down cell differentiation and that could pose as an alternative treatment for obesity-related ailments.

Are Fat Burners Effective?

For most people, thermogenic fat burners yield impressive results especially at the start. People who have used these supplements testify that they were able to shed pounds quickly. Fat burners speed up functions like breathe and heart rating, causing an increase in the amount of calories burned by the body.
But once the body starts to adapt to the use of these supplements, the effectiveness rate of fat burners significantly drop. The body would be able to make certain adjustments to the metabolic process, restoring its natural metabolic rate as a result.

How to Use Thermogenic Fat Burners?

In case you are intrigued at the prospect of reducing weight with the aid of thermogenic fat burners, you’ll have to begin taking these supplements at a very low dose. You could start at a half a dose so that you can limit the risks of side effects and more importantly, boost your body’s metabolism quick. After several days, your body will soon become accustomed to the use of the fat burners.
After a week, increase the dose by 25 to 50 percent. This should be enough for your system to be re-stimulated and still prevent any side effects. Then after a week, increase your dose by another 50 percent. During this entire fat burner regimen, minimize the intake or completely avoid drinking caffeine-based products like coffee, energy drinks, and other pre-workout products.
Make sure that the use of the fat burners are spread throughout the day, and discontinued in the evening. So you might have to take small doses every two to three hours instead of just one or two dose a day. You must also stop using the fat burner after 6 in the evening so you can sleep well at night, and allow your central nervous system to have enough time to recover.
After six to eight weeks, the effectiveness of fat burners should taper off. The body will be able to adjust its metabolic rate, and increasing the dosage would not be able to reverse the outcome. Worse, it could only endanger your central nervous system. Thus it is advisable to discontinue the use of the fat burners, or wait another six to eight weeks to completely restart the regimen, but this time with a new set of thermogenic fat burners.
When used correctly, thermogenic fat burners can be a huge boost to your weight loss program. But remember that these products are short-term solution to your fitness obstacles. Thermogenic fat burners are no magic pill. You’d still have to work out regularly and eat healthy foods to sustain your weight loss gains. Just one of the thermogenic fat burners that can help is Fenburn.

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