Weight Loss Tip – 10 Proven Weight Loss Tips That Give Results

You May Wonder, “Will Weight Loss Tips Work For Me ?”

weight loss tips to get healthyWhy a Weight Loss Tip? There are a multitude of restrictive diets that will guarantee you will shed pounds quickly. However these diets will leave you hungry, and when you see your favorite food you will be extremely tempted. You may lose weight quickly, but will gain it back, and more,  just as fast. The best way to lose weight is to change your habits, slowly, but make them part of your daily routine.

I will give you 10 weight loss tips that if you implement, one at a time over a period of a year, you will lose weight. Guaranteed!   I know because they worked for me. I am not at my goal weight yet, but am 20 pounds closer.

Weight Loss Tip #1   Drink Water

drink water for weight loss


Drink one full glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning. We are often dehydrated overnight and this is a good habit to get in to. Then drink two full eight ounce glasses of water before each meal and snack that you allow yourself during the day. The aim is to drink 64 ounces of water each day. Our body needs this amount to wash out all of the impurities and to keep us hydrated.  When we are burning fat our kidneys and liver are working hard to keep us healthy and need the extra water to flush out all the waster products. Drinking water also ensures that we are not dehydrated. We sometimes eat when we are really thirsty or we drink something loaded with sugar that adds to our weight problem .

When you are invited to a party, keep a glass of water in your hand at all times. Sip the water and keep your fingers out of all of those weight gaining finger foods.

Weight Loss Tip #2    Downsize Your Plates

downsize your plates for weight loss


Downsize your plates. If you have large dinner plates, change to salad plates. If your plate is half the size you will eat half as much, even if you are in the habit of having seconds. We often have been socialized to “clean up our plate” and that can be a mistake if we have a large plate and really only need half of that food to satisfy our dietary requirements. If we eat half as much as we usually do we certainly will lose weight. Our stomach will soon shrink and we will feel full with the smaller portions.

Weight Loss Tip #3   Eat More Salad

eat more salad with protein added


Eat more salads, but not just non-starchy vegetables.  Make those salads crunchy by adding texture with a few nuts or seeds and be sure to add some protein by adding pieces of chicken, pork or beef.  If you deprive yourself of protein at a meal you will feel hungry shortly after and will be tempted to have a not so healthy snack.  If you have a sweet tooth, add a few pieces of fruit to your salad. Have a small salad before dinner and you will eat less of the main meal.

Weight Loss Tip #4  Fiber is Your Friend

Eat four to five cups of fruit or vegetables every day and make sure you also include high fiber grains in your diet. Brown rice instead of white rice is the rule!

Weight Loss Tip #5    Start a Food Diary

Each day write down your goal for that day. The amount of exercise and what kind, what you will eat…write it down in the morning and then be sure to jot down what you do eat. Are you getting better at keeping to your goals as time goes on? Are you eating more healthy foods? Are you walking more?  Keep track and then reward yourself at the end of the month…you can have a cheat day if you have improved your record for the month!


Weight loss Tip #6    Cut Your Carbs

Carbohydrates can spike blood sugar and this causes your insulin levels to rise. This hormone  In turn causes your body to start storing the carbs as fat. Lower your carbohydrate intake (especially white carbs like white bread, potatoes, white rice) and you burn more fat and will feel less hungry between meals.


Weight Loss Tip #7   Eat Dairy Products Every Day

milk products as weight loss tip


There is evidence that ensuring you have some dairy product in your diet each day will assist with your weight loss as it helps you burn fat. Try low fat or no fat dairy such as cheese, yogurt and milk. These are also essential for getting the Vitamin D and Calcium that you need. Here is a link about cheese that shows how good it is for you.

Weight Loss Tip #8  Don’t Obsess on the Scale

Check your weight once a week.  Decide on the day and don’t worry each day about checking it. You do need to keep on top of what you are doing, and once a week will do that. You can’t expect to lose each day and checking it may be discouraging. Women, especially, have a tendency to retain more water at certain times, so do not be discouraged if you gain a pound some weeks. It is the overall picture, monthly, that counts.


Weight Loss Tip #9     Find Exercise You Like



Exercise helps with weight loss, but be sure to find something you enjoy If you love the outdoors find a nice walking path in your neighborhood and start by walking at least three times a week for at least a half hour. Try to increase this habit to every day. If you work in a building with stairs, walk up one flight of stairs each day instead of taking the elevator. Each week increase the number of flights you walk up and see if you can do it without getting out of breath. If you enjoy sports, join a league and play a sport each week. Exercising regularly will make sure you stay sensitive to insulin and this will lead to burning more fat and will also be less hungry. If you can now do things without being out of breath you will also feel much better.

Weight Loss Tip #10   Be Positive

weight loss tip avoid stress


Having a positive outlook will help with weight loss. We often eat when we feel bad. Find encouraging people, stay away from the work grumbling, do things that make you feel good. Stress is known to lead to weight gain so it is important that you try to avoid getting stressed. Exercise helps with this and so does getting 8 hours sleep.


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