Phen375 Side Effects?

phen375 side effects

Does phen375 have side effects

If you have come to this page, I will guess that a couple of things have recently happened:
• You have decided you need to lose some weight (or your doctor has told you so!)
• You have been doing some of your own research and find that phen375 seems to keep popping up as a useful weight loss supplement.
This has led you to ask yourself further questions:
• How do I know if phen375 is safe for me and does phen375 have side effects?
• Is phen375 just another name for phentermine?
I can save you further work doing research, as I had the very same questions. I checked out a few web sites that insisted that phen375 was safe and had no side effects. Immediately I questioned those sites, as most anyone knows that even safe products can have side effects. A site that will not admit this only wants to sell its product, and doesn’t care if the consumer will be happy with their choice.

I checked numerous sources for information on phen375 inclusive of top google ranked websites, consumer comments on phen375 and the official website of phen375. The majority of these sites listed five phen375 side effects in common:
• Mild dizziness
• An increase in blood pressure
• Increased heart rate
• Inconsistency in sleeping pattern
• Stool inconsistencies

Three less commonly listed phen375 side effects were:

• Minor stomach discomfort
• Irritability
• Nausea

If you have read this far I am sure you have figured out that if you already have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, you SHOULD NOT take phen375. If you have other health problems, are pregnant, or are taking other medications you should discuss with your primary physician before deciding on any risks.

Now for those of you who do not have any of the above risk factors, you may be interested in what contributes to phen375 causing side effects and are these side effects common.
• Dizziness – phen375 contains capsaicin 1,12 that has been shown to increase body temperature and enhance thermogenesis. This is helpful in a weight loss supplement and has been shown to aid in weight loss. If you do experience any dizziness initially you will soon adjust to the capsaicin and the dizziness will disappear. Many do not experience any dizziness
• Increased blood pressure=phen375 contains some sympathomimetic amine that has been used in prescription drugs to treat someone with low blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure the amount in the phen375 will not have a negative effect for you.
• Increased heart rate= some people have a low tolerance for caffeine that is an ingredient in phen375, and this can speed up their heart rate. If coffee has this effect on you, so will phen375.
• Sleep inconsistencies= also can be a side effect and most likely caused by the caffeine in the pill.
Thus the answer to does Phen375 have side effects: “ Yes, it can.”
Even if you initially experience some of these side effects, users report that they usually disappear within the first few days of use. Many people report no side effects.

Is phen375 the same as phentermine? No, it is not. Phentermine was used in the diet pill fen-phen that was taken off the market by the FDA in 1997 due to heart valve problems in some users. Fenfluramine, the other half of fen-phen was banned by the FDA but phentermine was not. It does have to be prescribed and used under a doctor’s care in the U.S. It has, however, been banned in some other countries.
Phen375 is produced in the U.S. in a facility following FDA guidelines. It has also been shown to be a much safer alternative for gradual weight loss than phentermine and can be purchased without a prescription. It is still advised that you discuss any non-prescription pills with your physician or pharmacist.

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