Lose Weight with 12 Food Tricks

lose weight with 12 food tricksYou can lose weight with 12 food tricks like these!

Start now to get legs like this for summer. Sometimes it is just the little things that make all the difference. Best Health came up with 11 new food habits and I have added another t!o get you on your way.

  1. Switch it Up!

Instead of putting a few berries on top of that huge bowl of ice cream, instead get a large bowl of berries and top with a small (remember I said small) scoop of ice cream.  You can easily forgo over 400 calories if you usually eat Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream. One half cup   is 270 calories and a large bowl of ice cream would be at least a cup if not more!!

2. For Breakfast have Coffee and if you Must – Orange Juice

For the rest of the day avoid all sugary drinks. Juices have almost as much sugar as pop and thus the same health risks. If you must have orange juice than buy oranges and make your own juice. Water is the best liquid if you want to lose weight and even coffee (no more than 5 cups a day) has health benefits. Skip the juice and soda if you want legs like you see here!

3. Forget the days of super size

lose weight with twelve food tricks, no junk foodSupersize nothing if you want to downsize your body. Get rid of those large dinner plates in favor of smaller plates. Most of us have been socialized by our parents to clean our plates and if our large plate is full we will eat it all. Cut your plate size down and you will eat far less food in a week, guaranteed to lose weight! If you eat out a lot, share a meal with a friend. Most places put enough food in one meal for two people, or if you are alone, take half of the meal home in a take-out container.

4. Only eat at the table.

No snacking allowed in front of the TV, the computer, in the den or rec room. The only place you can eat is at the table. This small change will be huge in cutting the amount of fatty, no-value snacks you eat. If you have to leave this good program to go eat your snack at the table, you will probably skip the snack.

5. Eat raw foods with every meal

lose weight with 12 food tricksRaw foods are good for you, and they take more chewing (meaning you burn more calories) while you eat them. The rule is that the raw food must be eaten and then you will eat less of the other higher calorie food.

6. Grocery Shopping Rule – no temptation foods

If you find ice cream or chips to be too tempting when they are in your cupboard then DO NOT bring them home from the grocery. Let these be the “splurge” foods that you occasionally have when you are out.

 7. Serve your meals

Do not put bowls of food on the table to tempt you to have a second helping. Fill that small plate and put it on the table. Put the left over food in the fridge. If it is not on the table, you will not be tempted to have “just a wee bit more!”

8. Serve soup or salad with every meal

Research has shown that we eat less calories if we have “water-rich” foods with a meal. Thus first eat a bowl of soup, or have a salad and we will not eat as much calorie rich food before we feel full.

9. Bulk up our meals with vegetables

If our stomach is used to having a lot of food, at first it may be hard to eat a smaller plate of food. Well if we need to adjust to less food start out by eating less pasta, bread, potatoes and meat and fill up our plate with vegetables. Vegetables are good for us and also have less calories.

10. Cut out white foods

As noted above, we need to cut back on white bread, pasta, white rice.  potatoes, (and of course ice-cream!) . White carbohydrates are turned in to sugar by our body and this leads to weight gain not weight loss! What plan are you on??  Cut out that white stuff. Yes you can have whole grain breads, pasta and rice but don’t overdo it. Remember the small plates and lots of vegetables.

11. Instead of 3 meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller ones

Studies have shown that eating the same amount of calories spread over several meals will ensure your body releases less insulin and your blood sugar will stay more constant so that you do not feel hungry. It also keeps you from feeling “starved” at dinner and over eating. Several small meals will also keep your metabolism humming along burning calories all day long.

12. Drink Green Tea

Women’s Health Magazine recommends green teas as a metabolism booster . We need all the help we can get and besides it tastes good too! And if you need a metabolism booster check out here.



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