How to Lose Weight in a Month and Without Much Effort

 Know How to Lose  Weight in a Month!

lose 20 poundsI need to drop 20 lbs! How often do we hear this? Are you struggling with your weight? Do you get out of breath climbing your basement stairs? Are you over 50 and find that losing those pounds is getting ever more difficult? Me too, and I need to know how to lose weight in a month….and keep it off. I hope this works.
I lost over 20 pounds earlier last year with the help of diet supplements and then got careless. I went on holidays, ate at restaurants, and oh what fun I had over Christmas. Then I stepped on the scales and found out I had gained back 15 of the pounds I lost last year.
I decided that I am 5 pounds ahead of a year ago and it is time to get serious again and change my lifestyle. I have started with Dr. Phil’s 20/20 diet. I started on January 12, 2016 and today, January 16, I have already lost 6 pounds. Maybe Dr. Phil is on to something.
So far my impression of the twenty/twenty diet is positive for me. I happen to like Greek yogurt, apples and fish. Not so much for other people I have talked with!
Dr. Phil says there are 7 “ugly truths” as to why diets fail. I will talk about these truths later once I see if his diet has some of the same problems. It is too soon to comment now.

Does Dr. Phil’s Diet Defy Logic?

Dr. Phil also gives 8 reasons his diet defies our logic. Can’t comment on this yet either as too soon!
He does provide some very useful material if you are serious about losing some pounds. He is a psychologist and believes in getting in tune with your body and hunger cues, your thinking, your environment, etc. as all of these have an influence on your ability to lose weight. He believes in assessing your individual situation, in planning and goal setting. And he also provides a number of meal plans to take you through the three phases of the diet. Along with this he also gives you a guide for your exercise routine. Yes, there is exercise with this diet. I will admit a dirty little secret. So far, I have not committed to this part of the plan. I hate exercise! He also talks about motivation and how important it is. That is what I am lacking right now……the motivation to exercise. When I find out how to conquer this, I will share. And at the moment I will let you know how it works without the exercise.

Phase 1 of Dr. Phil’s  20 20 diet

I am on phase one at the moment. The things I did do, that Dr. Phil advises in this phase are:
how to lose 20 pounds in a monthAssessing my environment for unhealthy foods: What in my environment could lead me to fail? Wrong foods, wrong friends who encourage unhealthy eating! I threw out, or gave away, all the junk foods that cause belly fat.
Positive role models to motivate us for weight loss: Find an inspiring, healthy model who I can emulate. I have a good friend who eats healthy, exercises and is encouraging to my efforts in this direction.
Stocking appropriate foods that are healthy: I bought the foods listed on Dr. Phil’s diet. One thing I do agree with him….the foods are not that expensive except maybe for the Cod fish and that will depend on where you live.
Before you start Dr. Phil says you need to contract with yourself and share your contract with someone that you can be accountable to! Sounds like a psychologist to me!
Dr. Phil expects you to get in tune with your hunger before you start. He has devised a 10 item scale to help you learn to identify real hunger instead of all the other reasons we may be eating. Do we eat because we are sad, lonely, depressed, or do we eat because it “tastes good”, all our friends are eating it, or we are bored and food will fill the gap! He advises us to get rid of our “fake hunger” and to recognize all the influences from our past, such as, “Clean your plate”, or getting rewarded with food.
Dr. Phil has a list of super foods that either have thermogenic qualities, “stick to your ribs” or in combination have a “time release quality”.
Just to tease you I will give some examples of each:
how to lose weight in a monthThermogenic:
• Coconut oil
• Green tea
• Mustard
“Stick to your ribs”
• Yogurt
• Natural peanut butter
• Chick peas
• Cod
Something else that is required is that I eat every 4 hours. I have found this a bit challenging as it is a change but most days I have managed to be close to this schedule.
My weight loss so far is 2 lbs. on Day 1 & Day 2, 1 lb. on Day 3 & Day 4.   This is without any additional exercise. I am happy with 6 pounds weight loss in 4 days. I think I found how to lose weight in a month. I will be entering Phase 2 of the 20/20 diet tomorrow and will talk about Phase 2 after a few days. If anyone else is on this diet I would love to have your comments below as to how it is working for you.

I am on to second phase of the 20/20 diet. There is a little more variety in this phase and this is welcome. Some new spices are allowed. The first phase is designed to “clean your palate” and help you appreciate the tastes again! No salt, however, in either phase.  Brown rice is introduced as a carb in the second phase. I did not lose any weight after the first day of phase 2. Sure hope this changes as I was getting used to nearly a pound loss per day.

Well, I thought I should update everyone on my progress.  I should have realized that when the 2nd phase was called a 5 day Sustain…..I shouldn’t expect to lose weight. Sustain means to stay the same!   I am not sure that is what is intended but that is what happened to me until I went back to the week 1 diet.  It will be 2 weeks tomorrow and I have lost 7.6 lbs. That is by my trusty weight watchers scale….yes, I tried weight watchers twice in my life. My problem is that I gained it all back and then some. I am determined to change my eating habits and keep it off.  No, I haven’t started exercising yet, and yes, that may be why the weight is not coming off very fast.

Well it has been 5 weeks now and I have finally lost another pound for a total of 8.6 pounds.  On the phase 2 diet it seems you stay about the same without doing exercise. One week I gained .6 lbs. while another I lost over a pound. I do admit I sometimes have something not on his diet, like the popcorn I just ate!  I am persevering though and not gaining so that is good. I have had 4 cups of green tea today, and do try to drink green tea several times a day. I know that if I started exercising it would help as I am not losing the inches like I should!

Time to check in and give an update.  I have been loosely following Dr. Phil’s 20/20 diet trying to eat the foods he advises. It has been 8 weeks now. Every so often I eat sushi and this has white rice. I find each time I do this I gain a pound.  If I am eating brown rice with meals it does not have this effect. After 8 weeks I have lost a total of 12 pounds. I know this seems slow. I get discouraged because if I am not really careful to stick to the proper foods I will gain back what I lost in two weeks and have to start over. That is what happened recently. Two weeks ago I was the same weight as now. I went up and down for two weeks but have now stabilized so think I can safely say 12 pounds are gone. That is an average of 1.5 pounds a week still with no exercise.

I am sure if I followed Dr. Phil’s recommendations on exercise this weight would disappear much more easily.

It has been 10 weeks since I started this diet. This morning when I stepped on the scale I was pleased to see I have now  lost 15 pounds. This has been a slow but healthy way to drop the pounds and I never find that I am hungry. I have lost the desire for sweet food and am eating much more healthier foods. Thanks Dr. Phil I did learn how to lose weight in a month and keep on losing!

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