I can hear you asking, ” how to burn my belly fat fast?”

 Do I really need to  burn belly fat, is it a problem?

how to lose belly fat fast

End the Confusion over Weight loss

The answer to this question is… “Yes !.” And it is very important that you get started. Your health is at risk. Yours and many more just like you.
It’s not just because you’re reading this article, but it’s a matter of probability and statistics. According to the study “Prevalence of childhood and adult obesity in the United States, 2011-2012” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more than 68% of the US population is overweight.
That means more than 215 million people in the US really need to know how to lose stubborn belly fat, since excess weight tends to show along the waistline. Almost 35% of the US population is actually considered obese, and these people really need to learn how to burn belly fat fast before their weight leads to serious medical conditions.

3 Important Facts to Consider

Before we proceed, let’s clarify a few things first. Because even if you tried to do some research online, there are simply too many myths and misconceptions floating around, so we first need to get our facts straight about how to lose stubborn belly fat.
1. There’s no such thing as a diet specifically designed to lose belly fat. Diets aren’t laser weapons. They are more like shotgun blasts or bombs. So you can’t target belly fat in particular no matter what kind of diet you have. The good news is that you can go on a diet that’s generally designed to help you lose fat. If that fat is in your belly, then it goes away if you are successful.
2. No fat-loss diet works for everyone. You really need to accept this. People are individuals, and they have individual reactions to diets and even medications. There’s no such thing as a magic fat-loss diet which has a 100% success rate.
Some diets are too difficult to follow, and not everyone has the determination and the discipline needed in order to follow the rules of a diet. And like we said, even if you do follow all the rules, the diet may not work for you.
There are many diets online with their originators swearing that a particular diet is the only thing that worked. They may all be telling the truth. But it doesn’t always follow that what worked for them will work for you.
3. Dieting alone is insufficient if you want to know how to burn belly fat fast. You also have to exercise. Trying to lose belly fat simply by watching what you eat and then spending all of your days on a Lazyboy watching TV is not the path to effective weight loss.

Foods to Avoid

You can start your diet by learning the kinds of foods you need to avoid. These are the foods that contributed to your increase in belly fat, and before you can gain any headway into your battle to trim your waistline, these foods must be cut from your memory forever.
Processed foods. There are probably huge stacks of research which indicate that processed foods are the devil’s weapons. You really have to get them behind you and out of your sight and mind. These are purely designed to increase waistlines all over the world.
Fast food and unhealthy fats.  Here’s a good rule to follow: stay away from fast food joints. It doesn’t matter if they also offer “healthy” salads. Just stay away from them. The calorie content of these food items is horrific and the unhealthy fat is unbelievable!
Sugary confections. Cakes, candy and other sweets are a no-no.
Starchy foods. The list of these items includes not just fast food items like donuts, pizza, and burgers, but also corn, potatoes, and white bread.
Soda and alcohol. While there are certainly some beverages which are good for you and your waistline, sodas and alcohol (especially beer) are not among them. Cut them off your grocery list completely. Sodas are sugar bombs, and there is a direct correlation between drinking soda and obesity.
The entire list seems like a who’s who of really tasty items you’d hate to give up, but that’s the price of living healthy and losing belly fat. Besides, you can always take the time to prepare healthy foods properly so that they taste delicious as well.

What You Should Eat

First of all, most experts suggest that you eat more frequently but you take smaller portions. This is better than eating 3 massive meals a day. Now you can learn how to lose stubborn belly fat simply by eating the right foods, which are:
Fruits and vegetables. Your doctor and/or your mom have been trying to get you to eat these for years, and now it’s time to listen.
High fiber foods. These include brown rice, oatmeal, and whole grain bread. They speed up digestion and require more energy to process. Also, they keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.
Lean protein foods. Your body also need lots of energy plus you need to build muscles which helps speed up your metabolism. Try chicken breast, tuna, and eggs.
Spices such as jalapenos and hot peppers. These things quicken your metabolism.
Water and other beverages. Drinking cold water is great—they keep you hydrated and you don’t feel as hungry afterwards. Green tea is also good, as it contains healthy anti-oxidants that help burn fat.
If you plan on going on a weight loss diet, it’s really important that you talk to your doctor about it. This is especially true if you want to learn how to burn belly fat fast by going on a rather extreme diet, such as a Paleo (caveman) or cleansing diet. You can also bring up the topic of supplements to help you burn fat more efficiently.


reduce stress

Reduce Stress

One final tip: Try to keep your stress levels down. As much as possible, learn how to manage your stress properly. Do yoga, exercise, and get a massage every now and then. Stress can really increase the effects of fatty and starchy foods and you will find the weight being concentrated around your middle. Get enough sleep as well. With the right diet and plenty of exercise, you should see some reduction in belly fat in no time.

Good luck.  Many of us have been there, too and are feeling much better now that we have lost some weight. Come back and leave a comment if these tips also work for you.  Remember, it is small steps and one pound at a time that will make the difference.

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