Foods to Make You Feel Full Longer- What You Need to Lose Weight

foods to make you feel full longerDo you want foods to make you feel full longer?

Do you always feel hungry when you go on a diet to lose weight? Does it seem as soon as you start your journey to lose weight that feel like you are starving? This leads to grabbing an unhealthy snack and bingo! You are off your diet already. Well there is help. There are foods to make you feel full longer. Read on!
The critical element in feeling full longer is to get enough protein and fiber. Check what you are eating on your diet and see if there is plenty of protein and fiber rich foods.

For snacks between meals try these fiber rich foods.

• Apples
• Bananas
• Raspberries (loaded with fiber)
• Popcorn (not loaded with salt & butter)
• Handful of nuts (not too many as they are loaded with calories)

For breakfast

• Low fat Greek yogurt with half an apple and a few nuts
• One egg, piece of multi grain toast slathered with natural peanut butter and glass of low fat milk

foods to make you feel full longerFor lunch

• Sandwich made with whole grain bread loaded with chicken or roast beef
• Salad made with many colored vegetables, beans, apples, nuts (careful of dressing you use)
• Lean chicken breast with brightly colored salad

For dinner

foods to make you feel full longer• Eat a bowl of hearty vegetable broth soup before your meal (this will give you more fiber and also you will eat less of other foods)
• Fish, brown rice and salad made with colorful vegetables
• Lean chicken breast, half a sweet potato and cup of peas
• Lean roast beef, quinoa, mixed vegetables
These are just samples of what you can eat to feel full. It is important that you are eating protein as well as healthy carbohydrates at every meal.
Remember, cut out the sugar = no sugary drinks, no sweet pastries as these will give you a high, then a crash and you will be starving again. Eat whole grain foods, not refined. Thus eat brown rice, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta. Eat airy snacks, not dense sugary ones. (ie. Popcorn, rice cakes, cheese puffs)
A good website to find a healthy diet with enough protein is webmd.
You will find further ideas on proteins that you can eat but as they advise, you still need to watch the calories in the food you eat. For example nuts are a great snack with both protein and fiber but they are also very high in calories. Don’t sit and eat a whole bag of them. There are more free tips here.

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