Is there an FDA approved fat burner? Is it safe?

Can you find an FDA approved fat burner?

fda approved fat burners

look for FDA approved fat burners

“If you are looking for an FDA approved weight loss pill your only option is a medicine, not an over the counter or online pill”. You will need to visit your physician and convince him that you need a prescription. He will ask you questions about your diet, lifestyle, and will be concerned about your medical condition. He will weigh and measure you and establish your BMI and you will have to meet conditions for him to prescribe you weight loss pills. For example your BMI will likely have to be 30 or higher and you may have to have a condition such as Type 2 Diabetes for him to consider you.  These types of pills are strictly regulated as medicines due to potential serious side effects.

Some of the more common FDA approved prescription weight loss pills are Belviq, phentermine, Osymia or Orlistat.

If you do not fit the above conditions then you may have to rely on fat burning supplements.  You can buy fat burners made in FDA approved facilities.

We expect that the Food and Drug Administration is keeping us safe by monitoring everything we put in our mouth.  Fat burning supplements, however, are not regulated the same way our food and drugs are. The manufacturer of the product is supposed to ensure that it is safe. Thus it is important that the supplement you choose is manufactured in an FDA approved facility that has the appropriate quality standards:

  •   the product is manufactured in a clean/ food standard facility that sterilizes all equipment,
  •   each bottle will contain pills that have exactly the same ingredients due to quality control standards
  •    the label has the ingredients listed
  •   all personnel are appropriately trained
  •   standards for plant cleaning and pest control
  •   ongoing testing and calibrating of equipment
  •   laboratory testing of products

The FDA only becomes involved when there are complaints about a weight loss product.  They can take the fat burner off the market if it is found to be unsafe or the product label does not declare everything that is in the fat burning product. It is very important then, that you rely on a fat burner that is made in an FDA approved facility that has strict quality standards.

To keep yourself safe it is important to check the FDA’s tainted supplement page to see if the fat burner you are considering is listed on their page. If it is, it means that the fat burner is not one you should be taking. Check the page here. There are many unscrupulous marketers that advertise unrealistic weight loss with pills that are unsafe to take and that can even cause severe health problems, or even death. Be safe by doing your research first.

We have done the research for you, and have found safe supplements manufactured in FDA approved facilities!

If you have been struggling with your weight,  have tried a variety of diets that work for a time, but you have difficulty eating like this for long, you may need some support.  Especially if you are middle age, or older, your metabolism will have slowed down and weight loss becomes much more difficult. Your hormones begin to work against you, and it is easier to put weight on, than take it off. Women going through menopause have other problems that tend to make it easy to gain weight . We have additional information here.

The unfortunate thing with middle age….this is the time it is more critical that we not have extra pounds, especially around the waist. Don’t let this get you down. There are diet supplements that do help with both appetite suppression and to increase your ability to burn fat. We have researched fat burning supplements that are manufactured according to strict FDA guidelines, that are not banned by the FDA, and have consumer confidence due to getting results.

  • don’t let your weight problems continue to affect your health

If you need  an appetite suppressant and a diet plan

phen375 review

Read a phen375 review

  • if you have difficulty eating healthy we recommend both an appetite suppressant and a plan to follow with phen375
  • we have done a complete review on Phen375 here so that you can carefully analyze the product
  • if you want more information and help with healthy weight loss please check out the other  pages on this site.

Here is a  phen375 users experience:

 I just finished up my first week on these pills. I have lost a few pounds, but I feel pretty good. In addition to the pills, I am transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. The pills seem to help.

A few people have noted a faster heart rate and / or pulse rate and slight dizziness while taking phen375.

You can get started with phen375 >>here

This review is for CAPSIPLEX
I’ve been taking  for almost a month-not every day, but almost, and I’m down 17 pounds! Every few days I get strong shivers, and my head sweats, and when I weigh myself-sure enough, I’ve lost another pound!
I’m continuing this until I meet my goal! I’m 50, and weight loss is hard at this age-but this really works for me, without stomach problems, or any other side effect that I can detect.Update – as of the end of November, I have lost 67 pounds! I’ve had friends try a pill or two, and they sometimes have had upset stomachs from it-but some have not, and now my boss is on it. He’s doing really well. I’m sold on this stuff! !
Possible side effects with capsiplex is a burning sensation and some people report allergy type symptoms. If you are allergic to pepper we do not recommend you try capsiplex/
You can get started with Capsiplex >>here


 How can I ensure that the advertised belly fat pill is safe?

  • look for side effects on reviews of pills that burn fat, remember all pills have some side effects. If none are listed, avoid these fat burning supplements.
  • discuss with your physician before ordering, as supplements can interact with medications you are taking, even if on their own they are safe.
  • check the FDA tainted supplement page to ensure the pills you are considering are not listed there.

How do I know if the advertised claims are true?

  • use common sense, do the claims sound realistic?
  • does the advertisement claim that you will lose weight without changing anything about your diet or exercise? If so, beware. All weight loss takes a combination of effort on your part and support from  fat burning supplements.
  • does the advertisement make sense to you. Would a reasonable person believe what the advertisement says?
  • does the advertisement also recommend that you eat healthy, avoid certain foods, and try to increase your exercise?




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