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Best Legal Steroid – Is there such a thing?

What are Anabolic Steroids? “Anabolic steroids” is a name you will hear quite often, with horrifying tales of damage. Anabolic steroids are a synthetic substitute for testosterone, the male sex hormone. These steroids have been linked to scandals in sporting events where they have been used to enhance performance of an athlete, or to increase… Read More »

Phen375 Side Effects?

If you have come to this page, I will guess that a couple of things have recently happened: • You have decided you need to lose some weight (or your doctor has told you so!) • You have been doing some of your own research and find that phen375 seems to keep popping up as… Read More »

Is Capsiplex Effective for Weight Loss?

Is Capsiplex Effective – Good or Bad? You likely have seen ads for capsiplex and the first thing that enters your mind is, ” is capsiplex effective, will it work for me?”    So many diet products are available, but which one works? This is an important question and understandable that  you want this answered… Read More »

Weight Loss Patches vs Diet Pills

Losing weight is not just a national obsession, but more of a global one. This explains why many U.S. fitness gyms have expanded to countries abroad, and why weight loss products like diet pills and weight loss patches have sold like hotcakes. Weight loss products, in particular, have gotten very popular because of their manufacturers’… Read More »

Does FDA Approve Fat Burners?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve all fat burners, and in fact can only take action against them under specific circumstances. The prevailing belief is that the FDA is responsible for all foods and supplements that Americans take. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements the way it does drugs. Does FDA approve… Read More »