Calorie Intake to Lose Weight – Is it the Best Way?

calories to lose weightIs counting calorie intake to lose weight a smart thing?

Some people like to go this way but I am not one of them. I have found that I can lose weight by being more aware of what I eat.

Do you always know how many calories are in the food that you eat when you are away from home? Do you want to carry a book with you, or be checking the internet before you order?

Calorie intake to lose weight sucks big time!!

Try my system for one month and then get back to me with your weight loss. I can hardly wait.

Twenty foods you can safely eat to keep burning fat, feeling full, and losing weight


calorie intake to lose weight1. Lean Meat

You want to increase your muscle mass so you can burn more calories.  You want your metabolism to be working all day so watch what you put in your mouth. Lean meat is protein and along with a little exercise (walk up stairs, don’t take the elevator) you will be increasing muscle and charging up your metabolism. Contains creatine monohydrate that helps in building muscle. Often seen in supplements for body building.


calorie intake to lose weight2. Oatmeal Porridge

Don’t hate me on this one. Actually it doesn’t taste too bad if you put on some brown sugar and berries.  You can get to actually like this stuff!  This dish will give your metabolism a boost for the day. It is a power food that is made of fat soluble fibers that require much energy to break down and thus you do not end up with many calories. Takes almost as many calories to burn this food and you will also lower your  cholesterol and be healthier for it. See, your mom was right= Both breakfast and oatmeal are good for you!


calorie intake to lose weight3. Whey Protein

I will tell you a dirty little secret. That isn’t really whey powder, it is dish soap, but I couldn’t find a whey powder image!  Anyway, if you really can’t see yourself eating oatmeal for breakfast, then a good substitute is to make a smoothie with a little low fat yogurt, some whey protein and fruit. Whey protein also is a metabolism booster and will help you burn an extra 200 calories a day.  It also doesn’t taste like oatmeal!


intake of calories to lose weight4. Salad made with Spinach

Possibly another hater from childhood but I have grown to love this in a salad. I add a few walnuts and make a dressing from creamy dijon mustard and lemon juice. Spinach has our needed iron and will help protect you from colon cancer, heart problems, arthritis and osteoporosis along with giving your metabolism a boost. No wonder it is called a super food. The older I get the smarter I see my mother was. Too bad it took me so long to recognize. I might not have had all that weight to lose. But lose it I did and you can too!


losing weight watching calorie intake5. Wonderful Cheese

Now this I discovered on my own. It was not my mother’s recommendation . Cheese has butyric acid and has been shown to help reduce hunger and increase metabolism and is linked with loss of weight . Eat your cheese with dark rye crackers for that mid afternoon snack and it will get you through the day feeling full and still burning off fat while you work. What more could you ask?



asparagus best fat burning food6. Asparagus

Full of nutrients and antioxidants and a wonderful little secret. You will use more energy chewing this little baby up than you will get from eating it. A negative calorie metabolism booster. Now do you see why I refuse to count calories. I just know what foods I can eat that will not be converted into those little rolls around my waist and I don’t have to waste my time adding up all those calories in the foods I am eating .


fat burning fruits7. Blueberries – a fat burning fruit

Let’s mix it up and give you something sweet for a change. This is another super food that you can enjoy on your oatmeal, in your yogurt, in your smoothie, or with a little (I said little) dab of cream or ice cream just for a treat because you have been good. These little berries are high in anti oxidants and for those of you that also exercise (good for you= it is my downfall) blueberries are good to eat after your workout to help those overworked muscles recover and heal. These berries have Vitamin C and K as a bonus.


raise your metabolism with almonds8. Almonds for a healthy snack

The best snack loaded with protein, healthy fats and fiber. These little nuts contain enough essential fatty acids to keep your metabolism humming between meals. There is a rule, though, ONLY up to 15 as too many can add pounds! Other nuts such as walnuts can be substituted, but limit the number of these too.  Eating healthy nuts instead of a donuts will have a tremendous positive impact and keep your stomach from growling until the next meal time. They are also easy to carry.


apple for antioxidants9. Apple for snacking

Another great snack food or to put in your yogurt at breakfast is the apple. Loaded with fiber, that slows the absorption of any sugar you eat and helps regulate your blood sugar levels. They will keep you feeling full instead of snacking on chocolate bars between meals and they have the bonus of containing phlorizdon, a flavinoid that will help improve your lung functioning if you also have asthma.  And it is true that apples are good for you and just may help keep that doctor away as mom used to say!!


healthy lean meat10. Chicken breast

Yes, that is where chicken breast comes from, all you city dwellers. And this meat is excellent if you are serious about weight loss. There are rules here too!  Do not bread your chicken breast, do not deep fry, and do not eat the skin! Other than that it is a healthy lean meat loaded with protein. Don’t you just love this picture? Hard to imagine a chicken breast??



broccoli metabolism booster11. Rather large broccoli

Broccoli is a gem. It has vitamin C, calcium, and fiber of the kind that increases the thermic effect (is a metabolism booster). It can help lower your cholesterol (especially if you ate too many eggs!!) if you steam it and then the fiber binds your bile acids in your digestive tract and makes them easier to excrete. It helps detox your body due to three glucosinolate phytonutrients contained in it. A further benefit is its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory. And it won’t make you fat!!


lose weight with water12. Lose weight with water

Guess what – water also boosts your metabolism and you only need to drink 8-10 glasses a day. This seems like a lot but if you keep filling that water bottle and sipping away you will be surprised how easy it is. It will also help keep you from nibbling as it fills the void and strangely enough it does seem to help you shed that water weight.



boost metabolism with eggs13. Metabolism booster – eggs

Yes, these are eggs and come from #10 – chickens. A high quality protein that is one of the cheapest and best metabolism boosters you can buy. You can have 4 a week and if you want more, just eat the whites as you don’t want too much cholesterol from the yokes. There is controversy as to whether this cholesterol is a problem, but to be safe follow this rule. (Don’t include he nest shown, unless you are making birds nest soup!)


Come back to this site again soon and I will be adding a post with more great weight loss tips that will mean you do not have to count those calories if you stick to the foods I recommend. Counting calorie intake to lose weight . is NOT necessary.   I have given you enough to get started-SO GET STARTED!!

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