Best Legal Steroid – Is there such a thing?

best legal steroidWhat are Anabolic Steroids?

“Anabolic steroids” is a name you will hear quite often, with horrifying tales of damage. Anabolic steroids are a synthetic substitute for testosterone, the male sex hormone. These steroids have been linked to scandals in sporting events where they have been used to enhance performance of an athlete, or to increase muscle mass and bulk in a body builder. However there is a best legal steroid alternative to anabolic steroids.
Do Anabolic Steroids harm the body?
If used over a long period of time this type of steroid can affect the chemicals in your brain. This has  a huge impact on your behavior and moods. They can lead to psychiatric issues and wild rages. Sometimes leading to violence and involvement with the justice system! Psychiatric issues such as paranoia, delusions and serious lapses in judgement occur that can lead you to harm yourself, or others.

Are Anabolic Steroids Addictive?

Even though these steroids don’t lead to the “high” that is often associated with other addictive drugs, you can get addicted. When you try to stop you can experience the same withdrawal symptoms as with other drugs. Extreme mood swings, reduced sex drive, steroid cravings and loss of appetite are some of the symptoms. In some cases this leads to taking other drugs to get rid of the negative symptoms.

What are possible health impacts of Anabolic Steroids?

• Kidney failure
• Liver damage
• Enlargement of the heart
• Cardiovascular problems
• High blood pressure
• Increased risk of stroke & heart attack even in young users
• Severe acne
• Fluid retention
• Shrinking of the testicles in men
• Infertility
• Baldness for both women and men
• Growth in facial hair for women
• Stunted growth for adolescents
Do you really want to chance any of this?

What is the best legal steroid alternative?

There are legal supplements that use all natural ingredients.  These target the same areas as anabolic steroids, but without causing the harm to your body. They are supplements designed specifically for body-builders, made from all natural safe products in a GMP certified laboratory. For example one such product called Dianabol does a great job of mimicking an actual steroid, Methandrostenolone. Its function is to increase the retention of nitrogen in your muscles that in turn increases the synthesis of protein to increase your size and strength.
Many of these supplements are pro-hormones, occurring naturally in plants and/or meat. Your body then changes them to active steroid hormones and they work the same as the illegal anabolic steroids. You must decide what your goal is, as just like the steroids, some will be better at helping you bulk up while others are good for cutting up.
Be Safe. Do your homework. Decide the best legal steroid for what you are trying to obtain. Stay away from Illegal Illegal Anabolic Steroids and use the safer alternative to help you in your quest for a toned body.

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