Do Bananas cause Belly Fat? Myth or Truth ?

Bananas as a weight loss aid

bananas and belly fat

Banana as a Natural Fat Burner

Do you keep seeing those ads pop up showing a bunch of bananas that seem to be suggesting bananas are the reason for your  belly fat? There is a lot of false information out there and if you are serious about losing weight, you need to read this post. Bananas have a huge number of benefits, and not just for those looking to lose weight.

Let’s “go bananas” and discover the truth about bananas and belly fat.

Bananas are approximately 75% water, 12% Sugar (combination of fructose, sucrose, and glucose), fiber, amino acids and fatty acids. Eating one will provide approximately 110 calories.
If you are concerned about what your are eating you need to not only think about the calories that a food will provide, but also other benefits of eating the particular food.
A banana is a nutrient rich food with many added benefits. Used before a workout, a couple of bananas will provide the needed energy and will also keep your blood sugar levels up. This same banana can keep your legs from cramping during your workout.
Bananas are an aid to weight loss. Eat a small one between meals to help stabilize blood sugar. They are high in Vitamin B-6 and calcium and both of these have been shown to assist with losing weight.
When you are dieting you will often have an upset stomach from changing your diet. The trusty banana is high in fiber and if you are constipated will help you return to normal. If your diet has caused diarrhea, a banana will sooth your stomach and replace electrolytes you have lost. Bananas are also a natural antacid and can relieve indigestion.
Bananas have calcium to aid in strengthening bones, are high in potassium and the FDA has recognized them as lowering blood pressure and protecting against heart attack and stroke.
If you are an emotional eater, that is, when you are feeling blue you binge eat, instead eat a banana. The banana will help lift your mood as it has high levels of tryptophan that is changed to serotonin. When you feel better you will not have the same need to nibble.
For women who suffer from PMS, a banana can help lift that mood and both men and women who suffer from depression can benefit from eating bananas because of the tryptophan.
The pectin in bananas helps cleanse your body from heavy metals and toxin and they are high in antioxidants that assist in prevention of disease.
If your journey to better health also involves quitting smoking, the banana can also help you here. The B vitamins, magnesium and potassium will help with your withdrawal.
Next time you see the picture of the bananas, remember, bananas do not cause your belly fat. In fact, bananas are a food that you should consider as a natural fat burner.

However if you are impatient and want much quicker results there are a couple of options that will speed up the process of weight loss.  If you are changing your diet and starting body building to help in your journey you should use crazy bulk. If you are just changing your diet and need a boost then phen375 will be the answer for you.

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